An Update From the A/V Department

Canon_4906B002_VIXIA_HF_R200_Flash_749197 3

Since launching my YouTube channel, I’ve been hindered, not having a proper video camera. I got by using a Nikon DSLR, which, while providing spectacular image quality, completely lacked autofocus and zoom. By my own admission, the resulting videos appeared a bit too static…

To overcome that limitation, I just bought a second hand Canon HF R200 camcorder. I ultimately would’ve preferred a brand new video camera, one meeting the current 4K resolution standard, but with all the other start-up costs associated with starting into this hobby, a major camcorder purchase could be a year or more away.

This Canon is a five year old design, without any special features, but it does record in 1080p HD. I got it for a decent price, so I didn’t have to dip into my fund for a 4K camera.

One useful feature this camera does have, which more current cameras usually lack, is an input for an external microphone. Bad audio will ruin any video. I use high quality microphones, so in that respect at least, I’m ahead of the curve.


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