Badger Renegade Krome

In only a few weeks, I’ve gone from not owning an airbrush at all, to starting a little bit of a collection. 😀


My new Badger Renegade Krome, an interesting blend of best features from a number of Badger’s most popular airbrushes. From the trigger forward, it’s a Renegade Velocity, with a Patriot paint cup. From the trigger back, it’s all Patriot. To round it out, you get the finger rest, and needle limiter from the Sotar 20/20, all coated in a lustrous chrome finish. So, so very nice.


The parts diagram for the Badger Renegade Krome airbrush.

Badger Airbrush Nozzle Sizes

One of the challenges using Badger airbrushes is they identify their nozzle/needle sizes in ways different from other airbrush makers. I’m accustomed to sizes measured in millimetres. Badger prefers to use descriptive terms instead, and one term can have different meanings, depending on the model of airbrush in question. For example, a “fine detail” nozzle in my Renegade Krome is considerably smaller in diameter than the “fine detail” nozzle in my Patriot 105.

This chart is mainly to assist me in getting my head around Badger’s system for sizing. You’re welcome to refer to it for general guidance, but remember it’s not an official chart, and is subject to change.

Renegade Series:

Ultra Fine Detail= 0.21mm

Fine Detail = 0.33mm

Patriot Series:

Super Detail = 0.33mm

Fine Detail = 0.40mm

General Purpose = 0.50mm

Sotar Series:

Fine Detail: 0.21mm

Medium Detail: 0.25mm

Heavy Detail: 0.31mm

F-Clamps – Back by Popular Demand


So, a few years back, some manufacturer in Asia produced these simple, blue f-clamps. Right away, they became a must-have model building accessory. Then the manufacturer simply stopped making them, leaving ongoing demand for the clamps, but no further supply.

One member of the Flory Models forum, a fellow named Andries, tracked down that original manufacturer, and attempt to get production restarted. “Sure”, they said, “but you’ll need to order at least a thousand units”.

Being too steep of an investment for one individual, Andries started a thread on the Flory forum asking if anyone else would be interested in joining a group purchase. I doubted this was ever going to go anywhere, but I did sign up for four clamps. Time passed and obstacles mounted, Andries was about to drop the project, that’s when UK on-line retailer Models-Are-Go stepped in.

Models-Are-Go ordered the entire quantity of clamps, then started contacting all those who’d expressed interest. Realizing this was a onetime offer, I recommitted to my order for four clamps.

What, at first, sounded like an affordable £29.35 translated into a whopping $60.00 in Canadian dollars. Ouch! Pretty expensive clamps! But hey, I’ve got them now, and it was actually a bit of fun being part of a group effort to resurrecting this terrific little product.

The Finish Line Comes Into View!

As I’ve said before, scale modelling is strictly a wintertime activity for me. Being this close to finally outfitting my hobby room, however, I’ve continued shopping for those final items on my list.

The airbrush was a huge addition for me (and long, long overdue). At the same time, I also bought two big under-counter cabinets from IKEA, and in the coming days I’ll  be ordering a second airbrush.

I may not build any models this summer, but I’m progressing by leaps and bounds towards finishing my hobby room. 🙂

Three hours of assembly yielded two very useful IKEA cabinets to help organize my ever-growing collection of hobby tools. They get my highest recommendation.