Tiger 75 Group Build – Here’s My Entry

YouTube modeller Adam Mann recently launched a group build commemorating 75 years since the Tiger tank’s induction into service. This is the kit I’ll be entering:

artDragon’s Pz.Kpfw. VI Ausf. E Tiger I

Several firsts are involved here. I don’t normally build WW II armour, and I don’t normally build models at all during the summer months. Nowadays, I mainly focus on modern armour, but during my youth, I did enjoy WW II subjects, especially German, yet I’ve never before constructed a Tiger 1 tank.

My participation comes largely as a result of this build being conceived by Adam Mann. I love his kit reviews, and truly enjoy following his channel. Many of my other favourite YouTube modellers are also taking part, so this is a good means of  introducing myself.

All these new experiences – this should be fun!

YouTube video introducing my Tiger 75 group build entry

My unboxing of Dragon’s Tiger 1 initial production version



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