Tamiya’s Leclerc has Vanished


It has always been my intent to build Tamiya’s well reviewed Leclerc kit, so much so I’ve been stocking up on after market parts to enhance the build. I have a lovely Eduard photo-etch set, an individual link track set from Bronco, and a Barrel Depot metal replacement gun barrel. The only thing I still lack is the kit itself.

I never imagined finding a Tamiya kit would prove challenging, but this particular kit has virtually disappeared. Only introduced in 2005, and still fairly representative of the version currently in use by the French military, why would Tamiya suddenly yank the Leclerc from their product line-up?

After searching dozens of North American dealer sites, as well as ebay and Amazon, I found the kit listed as a back ordered item at HobbyLink Japan. They say it should only take three or four weeks for them to get one out to me. I hope they can do it. I’m too heavily invested in after market items to give up on this vehicle, and it fits perfectly into a group build coming up in 2018 on the Flory Models forum.

My New Channel on Vidme


Just today, I learned of a new video platform called vidme. It looks quite promising, so I wasted no time setting up a channel there: https://vid.me/RobBye

I hope readers of this blog will take a moment to visit my channel, and watch some of my video offerings. A remarkable number of scale modellers have also begun establishing themselves on this new platform – many names you’ll surely recognize.

Of course, I still have my channel on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXa9J1EI3Uqvu19quq5CkkQ , but I can’t rule out a day when all my new content will go straight to Vidme.

I’ll see you there!