Orochi Models – One and Done

Orochi Models has apparently gone out of business.

I heard of Orochi a couple of years ago, because their Bradley M3A3 combat fighting vehicle, at that time, was considered to be the best such kit on the market. I thought it was interesting you could buy the kit in either the “Standard” edition or the “Deluxe” edition. The deluxe package added some nice extras, like individual, workable track links, and a metal barrel for the 25mm Bushmaster cannon.


The other thing I knew Orochi for was their horrible box art. Orochi used dark, very plain packaging for their kits, nothing more than line drawings of the vehicle – as though you were looking at a section of the vehicle’s blueprints. Other kit makers go with dramatic illustrations featuring the real vehicle in a combat setting. You just can’t go wrong with a scene depicting a little combat action.

I think Orochi was smart offering a deluxe edition, but way, way off-base with their dreadful box art.

It has been reported that another model company, Kinetic, has purchased the moulds from Orochi, and after reworking them, will release an improved model of the M3A3. Hopefully that comes to pass, but, if it doesn’t, Meng now also offers a terrific representation of this vehicle. Either way, a historically important military vehicle is adequately represented in plastic form.

No More ebay From China!

For the third time in only two months, I’ve had to open a PayPal dispute with a Chinese ebay seller. What’s going on in China these days?

It wasn’t unusual for items to take several weeks to ship from China to Canada. More recently, items have been taking much longer – sometimes up to two months! In the three instances, resulting in my disputes, two full months passed before I could even launch the dispute. What was I expected to do while waiting for items that were never going to show up?

My best solution may be to shop from other countries. Hong Kong, for instance, may be under Chinese administration, but their sellers, and their shipping methods seem more, shall we say, …reliable.

From now on, I won’t just be looking for the lowest overall cost; I’ll also look for the lowest total cost from a non-China-based seller. There seems to be a significant difference.

Next time I need two items the same, I may order one from a Chinese seller, and another from a Hong Kong-based seller. It might be interesting to compare the experiences.