F-Clamps – Back by Popular Demand


So, a few years back, some manufacturer in Asia produced these simple, blue f-clamps. Right away, they became a must-have model building accessory. Then the manufacturer simply stopped making them, leaving ongoing demand for the clamps, but no further supply.

One member of the Flory Models forum, a fellow named Andries, tracked down that original manufacturer, and attempt to get production restarted. “Sure”, they said, “but you’ll need to order at least a thousand units”.

Being too steep of an investment for one individual, Andries started a thread on the Flory forum asking if anyone else would be interested in joining a group purchase. I doubted this was ever going to go anywhere, but I did sign up for four clamps. Time passed and obstacles mounted, Andries was about to drop the project, that’s when UK on-line retailer Models-Are-Go stepped in.

Models-Are-Go ordered the entire quantity of clamps, then started contacting all those who’d expressed interest. Realizing this was a onetime offer, I recommitted to my order for four clamps.

What, at first, sounded like an affordable £29.35 translated into a whopping $60.00 in Canadian dollars. Ouch! Pretty expensive clamps! But hey, I’ve got them now, and it was actually a bit of fun being part of a group effort to resurrecting this terrific little product.


  1. STEVE · August 21, 2016

    Where can I get these F clamps

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Armour in Scale · August 22, 2016

    You can get the clamps at http://www.modelsrgo.co.uk


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