Reading Glasses – A Vital Aid for this Scale Modeller!


My vision simply isn’t what it once was. I wear prescription glasses for a very minor amount of long distance correction. For things closer to me, I can happily get by, just fine, without my glasses.

Building models has proved to be that singular exception. I just cannot focus well enough, in close, to see the more intricate little pieces, and working with photo etch is the worst!

The solution for me, like so many others, is to use reading glasses.

I bought my first pair of readers at a local pharmacy, trying on various strengths until I found what seemed to work best, a pair rated at +1.50. That’s a fairly mild amount of correction, but I still found them a bit too strong, and a couple of hours of wear lead to eye strain. For my second pair, I cut back to a strength of only +1.25. These seem better matched to my personal needs, but I might try +1.00 in the future.

I don’t know if any one brand is better than another. I use InFokus brand glasses, and appreciate how well they’re made.

If you’re struggling to see tiny details, may I suggest you consider giving reading glasses a try?

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