Tank Games Could Spawn the Next Generation of Scale Modellers

I had the great fortune of being born at the end of the “Baby Boom”. That being so, hobbies which attracted me, would usually be in the midst of their “Golden Age”. By the time I came along, millions of earlier baby boomers would’ve already caused each hobby to flourish. Just because of the demographics, my entry into a hobby generally signalled the beginning of its decline. It wasn’t that I had any ominous powers, it’s just that there was never a similarly large demographic group behind me.

Scale modelling is a natural fit for a person my age. We built models as kids, stopped in our teens, and now, after all these years, we’re returning to the hobby. It’s a familiar and enjoyable pass time. On model forums, it’s a daily occurrence to hear someone, who hasn’t built a model in decades, deciding to rejoin the hobby. That’s terrific! But, I know it’ll eventually come to an end.

I wonder if we don’t have an opportunity to change this outcome? Perhaps there’s another, younger demographic group we should actively recruit into building scale models?


The group I’m thinking of are members of the online gaming community. What if we made an effort to show players of World of Tanks or War Thunder, etc., how they can develop their interests further? I simply propose, for the continued health of our hobby, that we actively reach out to the online gaming community, and invite them to participate in scale modelling. I’ve seen many times what happens when a hobby withers away and dies. This time, we may have an opportunity to reverse the trend.

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