Canada’s TAPV

The Canadian Army has begun receiving their first TAPVs. These Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicles will replace or supplement a variety of vehicle types previously used in the patrol and reconnaissance roles.

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“The TAPV will be delivered in two variants: General Utility and Reconnaissance. The only differences between variants are their internal design and certain pieces of equipment. The Reconnaissance variant will be fielded to armoured reconnaissance squadrons, infantry reconnaissance platoons and the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps School.

A notable feature of the TAPV is its very high level of protection and survivability against enemy threats, which includes improvised explosive devices, explosively-formed projectiles, and anti-armour weapons.

In addition to offering a higher degree of protection, the vehicle will be highly mobile. It is designed to effectively travel long distances on both roads and cross-country terrain. At just under 18,597 kilograms in weight, this light armoured vehicle can perform a wide variety of roles and tasks, including reconnaissance and surveillance, security (patrolling and escort), command and control, and armoured transport of personnel and equipment.

The TAPV also comes with several innovative new features. Of particular note is the TAPV’s remote weapons station. The remote weapons station comes equipped with both a 40-mm automatic grenade launcher and a C6 flex machine gun. It offers impressive observational capabilities, allowing crews to see at distances of up to 10,000 metres.”

Canadian Army’s Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV)

In short, the Canadian Army has seen that even up-armoured Humvees offer insufficient protection against modern battlefield threats. More is needed, and that’s what the TAPV will provide: more of all the good things today’s armoured forces require.

Once these machines begin deploying with the troops, we should soon see the first scale model kits appear, and I’ll be looking forward to that.

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