My New Badger 105 Patriot Airbrush


Finally, I own a proper airbrush: a lovely Badger 105 Patriot. So far, I’m delighted by it! Smaller, more delicate, and more precise than I truly expected.

A year ago, I might’ve made a different choice, but the slumping Canadian dollar has made foreign brands prohibitively expensive. Compared to their Asian and European counterparts, made in the U.S.A. Badger airbrushes have remained remarkably affordable. For the cost of one Harder & Steenbeck or Iwata I could own numerous Badgers – which is my intent.

Badger produces a mind-boggling array of airbrushes – probably too many for their own good. It takes a bit of studying to zero-in on the best models for hobbyists. My new 105 Patriot, with its 0.30mm needle, might be thought of as their all-rounder. I can foresee having upwards of three brushes in my arsenal, with the Patriot mainly used for laying down primer and base coats.

I’ll probably have more to say about this airbrush later on. For now, I need to learn how to use it properly, and develop basic skills. In the coming weeks, I hope to also add one of Badger’s Renegade Krome airbrushes. That looks like a darned nice choice for tackling more detailed work.


The Badger 105 Patriot parts diagram.

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