A Crafty Solution to Organization



Another handy organizer from Michaels, this is the Recollections desktop carousel.

Clearly intended to suit the needs of crafter’s, this rotating, preassembled organizer may also be useful to scale modellers.

On the plus side, it’s fairly big, with thirteen separate compartments and three small drawers; there’s a lot of capacity available here. On the down side, it may be TOO BIG; at about 35cm in width, it takes up a big chunk of bench space.

Seven of the compartments are too deep for my needs. I’ll cut up some high density styrofoam to make inserts for these deeper compartments. The hooks, label holders, and elastic straps along the outside may serve the needs of some, but I’ll be removing them.

On sale for 60% off at Michaels, this unit only cost me $22 (CDN). Maybe it’s a bit too big. Maybe it’s not a perfect design. Nonetheless, I like having my most needed tools all in one spot, close to where they’re needed. With a little tinkering, I think I can adapt this organizer to work for me.

My review on YouTube

Update: I carried through with my plan of making some of the compartments a bit shallower. Using builder’s styrofoam, I reduced the depth of several compartments by 25 milimetres. I also removed all the hooks and label holders. Now this organizer is a whole lot more useful, and it looks quite a bit tidier too.

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