VersaRoll Flooring

No more cold and nasty concrete, It’s time now to put down some proper flooring in the workshop, and I think I’ve found the ideal product.


What better choice for an armoured vehicle workshop than diamond plate? My simulated diamond plate comes in the form of VersaRoll, an easy to apply roll of PVC. This product is actually intended as garage flooring. Seeing it at The Home Depot, it looked to be dull grey. I preferred something a bit brighter, so I was quite pleased when I removed the wrapping and found it was actually more of a silvery colour.

Having to wait so long before putting together this workspace gave me ample time to do my research. Many modellers complain about loosing parts in their carpeting, so I completely ruled carpet out as a flooring option in my shop. Anything other conventional type of flooring would be susceptible to staining from (the inevitable) chemical or paint spills. This VersoRoll resists chemicals, and can be easily wiped cleaned. Any parts that fall onto the floor won’t roll away, because the diamond plate pattern will catch them before they get far.

As a protection against mould or mildew, I added AirGuard underlayment specifically intended to allow for air circulation. This should keep moisture from collecting beneath the VersaRoll, while adding a slight cushiony feel.



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