Workshop Progress Report

A few days into the workshop overhaul, and I’m making steady progress. 🙂

After a good scrubbing, from ceiling to floor, I gave every surface a new coat of paint. Photos make it appear a bit more beige than what I’m actually seeing. The colour is called “Oyster White”. To my eyes, it’s a little more greyish-tan than what the camera records. In any event, it’s a cheerful improvement over the mix of darker tones that was there beforehand. I know, for sure, I won’t miss that dated wood panelling.


At this point, the ceiling is also starting to go up. Before getting too far along, I wired in a pair of boxes for the new light fixtures, and removed the old one. Two fixtures may seem like overkill in such a tiny space, but there’s sound reasoning behind it. I’ll be installing a total of six LED bulbs, controlled by a dimmer. Light coming from six bulbs in two fixtures will prevent hard shadows from forming. The dimmer switch will allow me to run the LEDs at full brightness during times I’m doing photo or video work, and dim them down a bit while I’m building models or working on the computers.

There’s still much left to be done, but I’m pleased with the way it’s coming together.

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