My Robart Paint Shaker Upgrade

Paint for scale models needs to be properly stirred before you can use it.

This is what paint looks like when the pigments begin to separate from the binder:


A convenient and effective means of remixing model paint is to use a Robart paint shaker. These small, desktop machines come in either battery powered form, or as a unit that runs on AC power. I bought one of their AC powered units.


Right away, I noticed the machine likes to wander around the work surface. There are four small, fairly grippy rubber feet on the bottom of the machine, but they don’t grip well enough to keep the shaker from rattling around as it’s operating.


I figured a good solution would be to place the shaker into a heavier wooden base, made, in my case, of oak, with maple mouldings for the side pieces.


The back piece was made to be removable. A piece of rubber from an old bike inner tube surrounds the shaker, isolating vibrations, and making for a nice, snug fit. Once the shaker has been slid into the base, the back piece gets attached, and the power supply plug gets inserted through a small hole drilled through the back piece.


Here’s the finished result:


The base is heavy enough to keep the shaker from moving. It also tames vibration, and quiets the noise, while adding a bit of style to what would otherwise only be a nondescript black box. Overall, this base made the Robart paint shaker so much nicer to use, and it was a fun project to boot! You don’t need to put as much effort into this type of project, as I did, but with a little effort you can improve on a great product.

This shaker’s days of wandering are over at last. 🙂

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